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The Boathouse

Molly Page is only 11 when she tells her father she’ll look after him forever. Since her mother died years before, it’s been just the two of them, caring for each other. Then the Murphys move in next door to their home in the London suburbs. Nora Murphy is Molly’s dream of what a mother should be – then there are her sons: irrepressible Warren with his soft heart and grand ambitions; Pete with his poetic soul and gorgeous voice; and best of all, Billy, the oldest, with the charm and looks of the screen idol he’s determined to become. Molly announces she’s going to marry the boy next door but, as her father points out, it’s a question of which one. Just as she’s made up her mind, an invitation to visit Mitzi Alexander, her American godmother in The Hamptons, changes everything. A summer at the Boathouse brings Molly face to face with her mother’s drowning and Mitzi’s hard-headed take on romance will force her to rethink not only her relationship with the Murphy brothers but also her entire future.